Tim Pohlmann

IPlytics / 執行長暨創辦人
IPlytics / CEO and Founder

Tim Pohlmann是IPlytics的CEO和創始人(IPlytics已於2022年11月被LexisNexis Intellecutal Property Solutions收購)。他以最高榮譽獲得了柏林理工學院的經濟學博士學位,並在CERNA、MINES ParisTech擔任博士後研究員。Pohlmann博士創立IPlytics的願景,是希望通過為所有智慧財產權專業人士提供透明的、可獲得的智慧源泉,克服在標準和專利重要的行業中以數據為主導的決策的摩擦和複雜性。Pohlmann博士是一位公認的專家,並積極參與為歐盟委員會、世界智慧財產權組織和德國聯邦政府準備有關SEP確定、標準發展動態、專利池和FRAND確定等主題的實證研究。Pohlmann博士是公認的行業思想領袖、小組發言人和兼職講師。他還撰寫了多篇經同行評議的經濟學家雜誌文章,並在IAM雜誌(IAM Magazine)、智慧財產權管理(Managing IP)和IPWatchdog上發表了50多篇文章。

Tim Pohlmann is the CEO and founder of IPlytics (IPlytics has become part of LexisNexis Intellectual Property Solutions since November 2022). He earned his doctoral degree in economics with the highest distinction from the Berlin Institute of Technology and worked as a post-doctoral researcher at CERNA, MINES ParisTech. Dr. Pohlmann founded IPlytics with the vision to overcome friction and complexity in data-led decisions in industries where standards and patents matter by being the transparent, accessible source of wisdom for all IP professionals.

Dr. Pohlmann is an established expert and has been actively involved in preparing empirical studies for the European Commission, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the German federal government on topics such as SEP determination, the dynamics of standards development, patent pools and FRAND determination. Dr. Pohlmann is recognized as an industry thought leader, panel speaker and adjunct lecturer. He is also the author of several peer-reviewed economist journal articles and over 50 articles published at IAM Magazine, Managing IP and IPWatchdog.